Portents of Doom

The Battle of Rethmar Part 1

After all preperations were made, the city waited for the attack. Eventually, one night the sound of massive dragonbone horns, accompanied by a thunderous roar signaled the beginning of the assault.

Two groups of giants set up beyond the walls, outside of bow range, hurling giant boulders at the walls. You attacked one of the groups. You managed to kill your group of giants before they could break down the wall, however the other group of giants succeeded and the horde begain filtering through the breach in the wall.

A red dragon then began burning the city. You were asked by Lord Jarmaath to fight off the dragon. Nick one-shot it with some mind bullets and you then worked to put out the flames as quickly as possible. As you began to put out the fires you noticed a wind storm came out of nowhere causing the flames to spread more quickly. The storm seemed unnatural and was only occurring directly where the buildings were burning. Regardless, you still managed to control the flames.

You were then called to support a group of soldiers holding a barracade on the Dawn Way (one of the major city streets). Here you faced a number of waves of enemies.

The first wave consisted of hobgoblins and manticores. The majority of the stationed soldiers were killed in this wave, only a few stationed on the ground level survived.

The second wave was a group of bugbear berserkers who died their fur white and let out ghostlike wails as their battle cry. All but one of the original soldiers died in this wave. Josh’s monk also died during this wave. Conveniently, after you defeated the berserkers, reinforcements arrived in the form of Josh as a fresh sorcerer.

The third wave was a group of goblins riding on top of bluespawn thunderlizards who shot lightening all over the place. The last soldier died pretty quickly.

The fourth wave was a group of greenspawn razorfiends (like the one you encountered in the maze) accompanied by hobgoblin mindbenders.

You managed to defeat all of the waves and hold the barricade with minimal damage.

The onlsaught of the horde seems to have been slowed.


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