Portents of Doom

The Maze

When you return to your inn, James finds a note pinned to his headboard by a cerimonial dagger which has the inscription “All Men Must Die” in draconic on the blade. The note (written in what appears to be blood) is from Lady Dagger. The note says that she wasn’t so much trying to kill you as trying to get rid of an annoying business associate. She is impressed you were able to come that close to sneaking up on her in the night and believes you are the talented tiefling thief from the east she had heard about. She sees potential in you and wants to help you achieve it but first you have to kill someone to prove yourself.

James sneaks out amidst the chaos of the still burning town and kills some hapless victim trying to salvage what he can from his burnt house. Thus James becomes an Assassin.

James receives another note telling of a Gypsy Town up the Old Lhesper Trail where he can find what he needs to help him along his way but there is a blockade along the road you will need to take care of.

You decide to go by boat and take the River Talar then head down the Witchstream to get to the Old Lhesper Trail.

Along the river, you are ambushed by three Manticores. You kill them.

Along the trail you find the blockade. You sneak in using deceit and trickery and obliterate everyone inside.

When you reach the Gypsy town the guards at the entrance make a comment about the Aasimar in your group. They mention having come across some crusading group of Aasimar to the east who were searching for a particular Aasimar.

James shows the cerimonial dagger to Aldym Zorastryl (a weapons vendor) who then “takes him into the back” and shows him a secret shop full of all kinds of assassin gear. Everyone else buys lots of cool stuff too.

Kyle leaves his horse with the gypsies and you get a boat to travel across the Blackfens.

Along the way to Cromar’s house you come across two Chuul in the marsh. James gets all paralized underwater but you still kill them.

When you get to Cromar’s house you see it has been ransacked and there are scorch marks and acid burns everywhere. Out back is the maze. The center of the maze is magically sealed.

In the maze is a Greenspawn Razorfiend. As you navigate the maze the Razorfiend wages guerilla warfare on you, jumping/swimming all over the place. James and Nick swim into the center and finish off the Razorfiend. You find the remains of Cromar as well as a giant half-eaten owl which has a band around one leg inscribed with elven letters.


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