Portents of Doom

The Farmhouse

After brokering the deal with the Ghostlord, you headed back to Rethmar.

While travelling down along the road you heard a loud wolf howl followed by screams coming from a farmhouse up ahead. You went to investigate and heard screaming and crying coming from upstairs. You entered the room at the end of the upstairs hall to see a pile of bodies and broken furniture. You heard crying and growling coming from behind an overturned bed.

When you walked further in you heard a loud howl and saw there was never anyone there screaming, and it was just a trap. A series of hobgoblins, ogres, barghests, and black dragonspawn then filtered in and attacked you.

You defeated them and saw the farmers had been long dead.

You continued on and made it back to Rethmar without further incident.


JamieFrech JamieFrech

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