Portents of Doom

The Elves and the Ruins

After reaching the center of the maze, a group of elves led by Killiar Arrowswift flew down on giant elves and landed near the party. They are searching for a fellow elf named Laniker.

They discover that the dead owl is in fact Laniker’s owl and then after discovering Laniker’s ring in the stomach of the razorfiend they know that he fell victim to the beast. Killiar then escorts the party back to Starsong Hill.

At Starsong Hill, the party meets with Sellyria Starsinger and discusses the current state of things. They gather more information about horde’s presence in the Blackfens. The elves know that the horde has gathered in the ruins of Lhesper though they don’t know why. They have also spotted a black dragon hanging about the ruins. They believe the horde has something to do with the sudden appearance of the razorfiends in the area.

The party then rests and stays for Laniker’s funeral. Some even perform during the feast which takes place after the funeral.

Before the party leaves, they are approached by Trellara Nightshadow, brother of the late Laniker. She wishes to join the party so she can exact revenge on those responsible for her brother’s death. She is accepted.

The party then travels to the ruins.

A long battle then ensues. The party holds on the roof of the town hall defeating the forces holding the ruins. The black dragon who had made the town hall his home is forced to retreat and narrowly escapes with his life.

Searching the ruins you found the Ghostlord’s Phylactery.


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