Portents of Doom

Assaulting the Keep

You continue on to Vraath Keep.

You clear out Vraath Keep, kill Wyrmlord Koth, and get some sweet loot, including the deed to Vraath Keep. In Koth’s things you find a map as well as a series of notes giving a deal of intel on the goblin army.

You bury the giant skeletons that were around the keep then send Jorr back home after paying him with worg skins and some old furniture from the keep.

You head back to Drellin’s Ferry and tell Norro Wiston what you found. He pays you the 2000gp that he promised then employs you to further help defending the town. He promises to help fix up the Keep after things have settled down and he offers to have the town mage make you a magic headband so your wizard’s hair stays out of his eyes.


JamieFrech JamieFrech

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