Portents of Doom

And So It Begins...

Just outside Drellin’s Ferry you are attacked by a group of Goblins. Amongst the goblins is a priest who carried a symbol showing the red hand of Tiamat, the dragon goddess.

Upon entering Drellin’s Ferry you meet the Town Speaker, Norro Wiston and Captain Soranna Anitah, Leader of the Town Guard. They tell you that goblins have been attacking the town and outlying homesteads in much greater force than usual. They believe a large tribe has moved down out of the mountains, possibly large enough to sack the town and if not then at least enough to block the road and halt trade. They hire you to take care of them. Before you leave, Soranna recommends seeking out Jorr Natherson as a guide.

While in town you discover that the Witchwood is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of the ancient human druidic folk who once lived there. You also discover the history of Vraath Keep. The soldiers stationed there guarded the Dawn Way and the surrounding region. A few years before the fall of Lhesper, Amery Vraath inherited the keep. After the Lhespenar kingdom dissolved, Amery laid claim to the entire Witchwood and decided to clean it up. His main target was a tribe of forest giants known as the Twistusks. He led a battle against them and defeated them, forcing them to flee to the mountains. However, surviving Twistusks returned and attacked the keep leaving no survivors. Amery retreated into the keeps vault where he died from a poison arrow. It’s rumored his ghost still haunts the keep.

You find and hire Jorr to guide you to Vraath Keep.

Along the way you kill a hydra like a boss.


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