Red Hand

The following was discovered at Vraath Keep in Wyrmlord Koth’s study

  • The goblins are no small force but rather have a great army gathering at Cinder Hill, consisting of several thousand goblinoid warriors under the command of fanatical priests of Tiamat.
  • The army is planning to assault Drellin’s Ferry in nine days (from when this was discovered)
  • Four Wyrmlords lead the red hand forces: Koth, a goblin ranger named Saarvith, a hobgoblin bard name Ulwai Stormcaller, and a hobgoblin Talon of Tiamat named Hravek Kharn.
  • Saarvith has been sent to the ruined city of Lhesper on a special mission.
  • Kharn commands the horde itself.
  • Koth did not know where Ulwai is or what she’s up to.
  • The High Wyrmlord who rules over them is a fearsome draconic humanoid named Azarr Kul, a powerful cleric of Tiamat. He dwells in a massive temple at an unknown location in the heart of the mountains.
  • The horde contains dozens of hobgoblin, goblin, bugbear, and ogre tribes from the Wyrmbones.
  • Several dragons serve Azarr Kull as advisors and subcommanders. Koth only had contact with one of them, a green dragon named Ozyrrandion.
  • Skull Gorge Bridge is a key sight in the horde’s descent from the mountains. Destroying it would delay the horde by several days.

This map was also found in the keep
Fr koths map

The following was discovered in the ruins of Lhesper:

  • These ruins were being used by the Horde as a based for breeding and raising Greenspawn Razorfiends which would then be added to their ranks.
  • A lich known as the Ghostlord is assisting the Horde.
  • The Horde is using the Ghostlord’s Phylactery to force the Ghostlord to serve them.

Red Hand

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