Ghostlord's Phylactery

Phylactery of the Ghostlord


Phylactery belonging to the Ghostlord
Was being held by Wyrmlord Saarvith and the dragon Regiarix in the ruins of Lhesper

In Wyrmlord Saarvith’s HQ in the ruins, was a box containing a note which read the following:

Saarvith -

Take great care with the enclosed phylactery. I need not explain to you what the Ghostlord would do if he knew where I had sent his little bauble for safekeeping. Hide it somewhere safe – perhaps it could be trusted to your dragon friend’s keeping? Keep it hidden until Rethmar is taken. Should it fall into the hands of someone who could return it to its owner, the consequences for our effort could be dire indeed.

- Ulwai


Ghostlord's Phylactery

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