Portents of Doom

The Second Blockade

After clearing out the Ruins you spent the night and rested up.

You then returned to Starsong Hill to tell the elves of your success. Sellyria Starsinger thanked you for your help and said that she would assist you in the battle against the Red Hand. She offered to send a group of Tiri Kitor hunters to Rethmar to aid in the town’s defense. She could not offer any more help because there are still Razorfiends roaming the Blackfens and she must see to the protection of her own people. She also could not tell you much more about the Ghostlord’s whereabouts but said you may be able to find more information in Rethmar.

Trellara Nightshadow offered to lend you some additional aid as thanks for helping her exact her revenge. She, along with a small squad of owl riders, helped you clear out the second blockade and then dropped you off at the Gypsy Town.

You arrived barely after dawn so you stayed in town for a day and night to recover from the battle at the blockade.


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