Portents of Doom

The Ghostlord's Lair

You left the Gypsy town and headed to Rethmar.

Along the way you stopped in Witchcross for some rest. While there you assisted the local clerics in healing some of the wounded from outlying villages attacked by the Horde. Among the wounded was Miha Serani, a female sorcerer who was attacked by a local drunken town guard. She asked to join you group so you healed her and brought her along.

You then Headed to Rethmar to gather supplies and information about the Ghostlord. You tracked down the location and headed south.

Along the way you ran into a group of Barghast and hobgoblins and took them out.

A few nights later Miha Serani disappeared while everyone was sleeping.

You finally reached the Ghostlord’s lair. In the entrance you fought and killed a half-fiend behir. From here you split up. Nick flew up and through the top level, while the others entered a passageway down low. The lower group ran into resistance in the form of ghost lions while Nick floated down a stairwell and blasted a room full of hobgoblins. An unseen being which had control over the weather then fled the lair.


JamieFrech JamieFrech

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