Portents of Doom

Battle Preperations

When you reached Rethmar, you were summoned to a counsel by Lord Jarmaath. Jarmaath’s advisers Captain of the Guard Lars Ulverth, and Lady Verrasa Kaal of House Kaal (the city’s greatest mercantile house who controls a large portion of the defense force) were also present. Surprisingly however the High Priestess Tredora Goldenbrow was not present, but rather sent an underling in her place. Additionally the leaders from Drellin’s Ferry were present as well as Sellyria Starsinger.

Lord Jarmaath presented two options for defense of the city, meet them head on in the field or keep a more defensive stance, using the city’s walls and buildings as fortifications. You convinced them to go with the second option. They then decided to set up barricades, block off alleys, and use Cathedral Square as a central marshaling point should the walls be breached.

The next question that came up was what to do with the city’s limited amount of clerics. The first option, which Lord Jarmaath put forward, was to station them all in the Cathedral and have it serve as a battlefield hospital while defending the clerics from harm. Lady Kaal then accused him of coming up with this plan to protect his lover, the High Priestess Goldenbrow. The second option was to spread the clerics around the city though it would likely result in the death of more clerics. You convinced them to do a combination of the two, stationing the majority of the clerics in the cathedral with a few squads roving the battlefield filling in where they were needed.

It was then decided that you should be skirmishers, moving from battle to battle supporting key locations. The town wizard would then cast a telepathic bond between Nick, Lord Jarmaath, and Captain Ulverth so they would be able to communicate during the battle.

It was noticed that during the introductions, the cleric representative gave Kyle and the Cleric the stink eye. After the meeting was over he was avoiding the party and would not leave the company of the counsel.

When you left the counsel chambers, a courier delivered a message to Kyle from the High Priestess saying that he and the cleric were needed in the cathedral at once.

You all went to the cathedral together and discovered that the High Priestess was an Aasimar and, along with a hit squad of Aasimar Justicars, was out to kill both Kyle and the cleric for betraying their race and turning evil.

You killed them all then prepared for battle in the coming days.


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